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Pulse of the Nation

Nimbuzz Initiative

Nimbuzz - Pulse of the Nation is the new Social Opinion Poll Index created with the help of over 25 Mn Nimbuzz users across India, excited on getting a platform to get their voice heard. The platform allows people of all ages to learn and share their opinion on the pressing issues of the day, from breaking news to social issues on their favorite topics. With a true representation of the Indian population and a huge sample size, Nimbuzz 'Pulse of the Nation - Social Opinion Poll' makes the purest and most authentic representation of the true public view.

Nimbuzz Pulse of the Nation is a very user-friendly mobile chat interface that throws up questions with multiple-choice answers. The results of the crowd-sourced voting platform provide insights into public opinion, consumer sentiment, trends, behavioral intentions and other dimensions. Nimbuzz Users who have the Pulse of the Nation Buddy on their contact list (users who don't have the buddy can visit nWorld, the Nimbuzz app store to install it) can vote on a variety of issues and view responses and results. These issues of the day are in categories such as Sports, Religion, Country, Sex, Relationships, Politics and Work.

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